Karel´s New Life

Back in September 27, 2007 Karel Marquez sudden said goodbye to her teleserye since that there´s a lot of rumor that she is pregnant. Her mother denied it about the issue and she said that it was a health and schedule problem that´s why Karel was gone in showbiz industry.

Karel repose for almost two years in the showbiz the reason is to find her self by doing a lot of travel in another country likes Hongkong and Australia.

February 28 2008, Karel got engaged in Australia with her Filipino and Chinese boyfriend Arman Go ( Arman was an artist and been a part of Star Circle batch 5 together with John Llyod Cruz). Karel and Arman met in Boracay and by January 2008 it been a rumor again that Karel was pregnant and for that time Karel and her mom Pingky confirmed that, in March is her time to give birth to her first baby and Karel and Arman got married.

In March 14, 2009 at 10:42 a.m. Karel give birth to their first baby Kaylie Audrianna. Karel accepted that is not easy to be a mom but she is happy with her new life with her husband and baby.