Our new channels

Finally, we have decided to get a direct TV which we will have more channel and get the channel we wanted. When I arrived here in Sweden my husband didn´t agreed with me to have more channel because it means I will be more in front of the TV and which is not really good, because that time I need to be focus on my Swedish language. But since I can understand and talk Swedish my husband told me that he is agree to me now, to get Satellite Directv, because he can see how good I am in Swedish this time. I am really happy about what husband told me, because finally I will get the channel I wanted, and he will get the same too. We enjoy our new TV provider each day, and pay each month less than before!

At directTV, you get what channel you wanted with a very affordable and reasonable prices. You will choose huge number of channel, which include the channel you wanted. So if you are looking for a good tv provider in your tv, then try directTv because I´m sure you will be satisfied with their tv service like my husband and I do.

Nagsimula sa Puso Teleserye

It´s been awhile since I posted here, due to my crazy schedule from school. But anyway I will have a nine days holiday from the school but I still need to put in my mind that I have a lot of assignment which I need to be done before the next monday. I am still thankful for that holiday so that I can relax and do what I wanted to do. Anyway I have started to watch the new teleserye by ABS-CBN which is the " Nagsimula sa Puso " and when I first saw it, I was stuck to it, because the actors and the actresses was very good and I am planning to continue following it, besides Martin Coco is one of my favorite actors. I thought him and Maja have a very good chemistry, I love their love scene, it is really romantic and very sweet and they really done a good job on it. When I first saw Coco Martin´s show I already amazed how he acted and I would like to meet him in person and see how cute he is (peace hubby lol). Anyway who is following this series too like I do?

I searched the net and found some information about the story and here it is:

Celina Fernandez is a carefree liberated teacher whose life outside may look like jealousy because of her looks but inside her life is full of hurt and suffering she must obey and follow her mothers rules, Indebted by a Family friend Celina must marry Jim the son of the family tycoon her mother owns debts too and the man from the start she never loved so she decides to change her life into more of a mature yet sexy obsession symbol Meanwhile Celina's path crosses her student Carlo whose nonsense troubles and crazy awkward moments in her classroom make them fall for each other but whether they live from different lifestyles she is his teacher and he is her student will they fight for the love when both notice what true happiness is like or will Passion and Obsession lead them to lots of pure anger and deceit combined?


The rubber misrepresents an aircraft within an expensive diet.

You belong with me :P..

Since I am free from school today, I just sat in my computer the whole day and just surfed anything. I open YouTube to listen to some music which I know, and I remember about this girl singing in the bathroom and has been a guest in the show Ellen Degeneres show. And as I remember they are also a half Filipino so it is one reason why I adore them. Besides that they also have a very nice voice, see for yourself listen to the song and tell me what can you say about them? Isn´t them a talented persons? Have a wonderful day guy :P...

Want to have the latest phone like me

Christmas is on the way and I think what will be on my wish list. Since I am really wanted to have iPhone 3GS, I tried to search online to select which iPhone I want to have and what is the offer of it. Since I don´t have any idea which iPhone I want to have, I came to this website StarMobilePhone which offer the latest mobile phone these days, they have nokia E71, blackberry, samsung, iPhone 3gs and other latest mobile phone that you wanted to have, you can also find mac book pro here. I have read about their iPhone 3gs offer and I like to purchase it from them. But first I need to tell my husband that I like to have iPhone, I know it´s a little bit expensive so I wait until Christmas which I know that my husband can buys it without a doubt. After reading about the information of iPhone they offer, I also read more, to know this site better. Through reading I learned a lot about them, they are the biggest Internet reseller of any kinds of brand name of Telecommunication products and consumer Electronics products. Try to visit their site, who knows maybe you find what you was looking for.

Drug rehabilitation for everybody

Some people who is left behind and feel lonely in their life, they always end in taking some drug and not use it in proper that´s why they became drug addict. I have some friend who is a drug addict and some of them was cure and some are still in addiction like for example my friend´s brother. Who has been a drug addict long time ago and his family still looking for a drug rehab for him. They never stop looking for a drug rehabilitation for him and one time they have asked me if I know some drug rehabilitation but I don´t have any idea where to find one.

While I was surfing the net, I landed to this Narconon Drug Rehab Program site which is obviously for people who has abuse using drugs or in short word drug addict. Their aim is to have their patient a stable recovery, they have a program step to make it work which is the following:
*Phase I: Sauna Detoxification Program
*Phase II: Social Education Therapies
*Phase III: Social Rehabilitation Therapies
*Phase Iv: Discharge Planning and Family Classes

I thought this step can cure any kind of drug addiction. They have already cure some cases which were successful from drug addiction. They don´t apply 12 step program, but instead an optional vitamin rich regimen, with absolutely no drugs. And did you know that they are their 24 hours to answer your call and you can assure that everything you said will be private and very important. I thin I am going to tell this drug rehab to my friend. So why don´t you try to give a call and see it for yourself.

Best web hosting

Yesterday I met my friend in the mall, and we have discussed that she is looking for a best web hosting but affordable prices. It was been awhile since she was surfing the net to find web hosting but it seems she can´t find one. That´s why I told her that I am going to help her to find the best web hosting but affordable price which fits her budget. And she was really happy when I said that I will help her with her problem about web hosting.

This morning before going to school, I tried to surfed the net to find web hosting for my friend because I wanted to help her. I have found some web hosting but none of them fits my friend´s need. But until I found this web hosting GEEKS which offer very affordable prices, and they are the one best web hosting providers. Imagine you will pay $10 a month which includes at least one free domain name with 30 days money back guarantee. WOW this is absolutely what my friend looking for! I read also about their blog to get information and other things too that I need to know web hosting.

After ten (10) minutes of reading about their blog, I get satisfaction and decided to tell my friend about this which I´m sure she will going to use this for her web hosting. And I´m sure $10 a month is not really much for a best web hosting.

Tayong Dalawa was already ended

I have been following this Tayong Dalawa teleserye from ABS-CBN, even though I am living here in Sweden, I still managed to watched Filipino Channel. Maybe you wonder if I got a cable? Absolutely NO, I watch pinoy channel through my computer, so it´s like I am still in Philippines because of pinoy channel. I was crying a lot when Tayong Dalawa end their teleserye. Some people comment that it was not a good ending because Audrey was died, but I think it was a great ending and also it is a different ending for Filipino show, because when it comes to most Filipino show, it will end with a happy ending but not this. I got a lot of tears when I saw the last episode of the teleserye and I adore all the casts specially Coco Martin, he´s a very good actor. Anyway I am looking forward to a new teleserye from ABS-CBN and congratualation for the success of the show, more power for ABS-CBN.

I found my wedding dress

Since I and hubby had discussed our up coming second wedding here in Sweden, I can´t help myself not to surf the net for a Cheap Wedding Dresses with Latest Styles through online and hoping that I will find the latest style and the most important is lower price. I have been to different kinds of site but I couldn´t decided which one is best for me until I accidentally open this which offers excellent brand golfs equipment and captivating wedding dresses which has all the size and style you need. And you will get it in really affordable and reasonable price. I was looking through their wedding dresses and I have some favourite but too bad I need only one wedding dress for my second wedding and here is my favorite one and love to wear this in my wedding day. I will tell my husband that I have found my wedding dress dream.

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I found a new blog advertiser through my very good friend who I met online. So to everybody who want more extra blog advertiser, then try LinkFromBlog and earn more bucks in future. I just sign up a minutes ago so let ´s earn together.

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Get to know Doug Kaplan

Everytime we have some question that we can´t answer, we always try to find ways to find someone who can answer our questions. And one of the site that you can get any kinds of answer is the YAHOO ANSWER, it has been so popular answering people´s question. And one of the person who can able to answer any of your question is Doug Kaplan, so if you have any question just go to YAHOO ANSWER and there you can find Doug Kaplan´s profile and if you like you can also follow him in twitter and get to know more about Doug Kaplan.

Katorse television series

Today is the started of the television series who are the casts are the latest young generation, which are Enchong Dee, Ejay Falcon, Xian Lim and their lading lady Erich Gonzales. The following sentences will explain their rolls.

Erich Gonzales as Nene – Nene dreams of living in the city just like her elder sister Nenita. At 14, there hasn’t much excitement in her life until she gets reunited with the dashing Arcangel brothers. Will her first brush with love ruin her life forever or will it help her transition into a mature young woman?

Ejay Falcon as Gabby – He may be the real Arcangel but his rebellious attitude further puts a gap between him and his parents. Making him more insecure is the fact that the girl he loves already fancies his brother. How will he make Albert pay for stealing everyone’s affection away from him?

Xian Lim as Albert – Though he’s a love child from his mom’s previous relationship, Albert has all the qualities of a real heir to the Arcangels’ hacienda. As the eldest son, he is responsible for and considerate of his brother’s wild streak. But will he remain selfless when it comes to matters of the heart?

Enchong Dee as Jojo - He is the best friend of Gabby. A guy who is praising himself always and with a strong ego. He will meet Nene and find her attractive. But as Nene faces unwanted pregancy, he realize that he needs to become a better man and comes to comfort Nene.

Nene, an ordinary barrio lass whose life is about to change with the arrival of her childhood friends Albert and Gabby during one fateful summer. With two guys vying for her attention, Nene embarks on a romantic adventure that turns into a disaster as she faces an unwanted pregnancy. Nene also discovers a whole lot of troubles involving her family.

The first episode started today and since I like Erich as an actress, I never missed the first episode of course. I really like it since it is a very good episode to follow with. And also you learn a lot about it in real life. When I saw the first episode, I couldn´t help myself not to remember those days when I had my first kiss and first love :P. Do you follow this television series too?

Want to verify any kind of address

I have an address of my old friend who lived in United States but since it was long time ago since I last contacted her, I am not sure if the address I have is still the same address as where she lived. Because of the eager to know if it still the same address of my old friend, I searched the net to find service which corrects any kinds of address data. And I found this CDYNE Postal Address Verification which confirms and edit any kinds of address data. So I tried the Site to know if my old friend address is still the same. And it was really works! I just click the address verification and so on, it was easy like a pie. I have read that besides of address verification offer, they have also Phone Notify, SMS Notify, CDYNE 411, Postal Address Verification, Demographics, Phone Verification, Email Verification, IP2Geo and even Death Index. I thought this is really good Site because they can do a lot asides of address verification. PAV (Postal Address Verification) is used by many companies to prepare a huge number of addresses, and they offer XML Web Service so you can use it anywhere in your Site or any other matters such as business application. So visit their Site and used their address verification tools which is really a helpful one.

Nobody but you by wonder girl :P

The last time I talked to my mom, I also talked to my favourite niece who is three (3) years old. I love talking to her because she really talks a lot about everything like for example, she told me about my mom which is her grandma, I was laugh a lot when she said this to me " You know tita grandma smile a lot evens though she has only one tooth" Do you think it´s not funny enough to laugh. When I talked to my niece, she always makes my day :P and she is so cute too, like every kids. One time she also sang this Korean song which is "nobody but you" also she can sang is nobody but you the rest is like blablablah in my ears but she still made me laugh. So everytime I feel alone here at home, I always play this song and it made me laugh again and think about my niece, I think most of you know this song.

Want to watch free movie?

I was bored this morning and wanted to Watch Free Movies through Internet since it was long ago since I watch movie in the theater with my husband. I and hubby love to watch movie together and also it is one way of our bonding, specially weekend. After an hour surfing the net to find Website where I can watch different kinds of movie for free, I found this Website which offer different kinds of movie, it can be new movie and old too. And you can also search what kinds of movie you watch to watch. I really like the offer because you can watch movie without any cost, and this could be great community too.

You can make your own profiles and subscribe to them so that you will know what is the latest movie they have, plus they also have a chatbox where people can chat with each other. I was looking around the Website to know them better, and I am planning to make my own profile to them and subscribe so that everytime they have a new movie, I will know it. I will watch G-FORCE so I need to stop now so that I can concentrate watching the movie. And if you like you can watch it too, like I do for free and who knows maybe you get here your favorite movie. I hope I help a little bit about your boredom at home, forgot that boredom and watch movie likes I will do now.

Get the best deal of bed

Since I arrived here in Sweden, my husband almost bought new things in our apartment except bed, and we must get a new bed because we started to feel not comfortable when we sleep at night, it simple reason we need to buy new bed. When we buy something for our apartment, I always try to surf the net because I know I will get a good deal through Internet than in a shop. I found this Rest Assured Website which sale different kind of beds, I can say that they are expert when it comes to bed because they started their bed business since 1898. Wow this is amazing because it means they have a good bed offer and many people purchase to their product because they offer good quality Beds. At Rest Assured, you can able to view a good deal range of beds, mattresses and spring beds. So what are you waiting for? purchase to their good quality bed and have a perfect night´s sleep.

Cory Aquino passed away at 76 years old

I was talking to my friend Jenny online around 11 in the evening date July 31,2009, and the Philippines time was around five (5) in the morning, date August 1 2009. While we we´re talking, she asked me if Cory Aquino has passed away, and I said I don´t know because I didn´t see in any news in the Philippines (I was watching pinoychannel that time when she asked me so I checked quickly if it´s true but I can´t find any news about Aquino´s death) I answered Jenny, by saying I don´t know, maybe she´s died. Then Jenny sent a link to me with the article that saying Aquino was died, it was a swedish news and it was saying that Aquino was died. To make sure I search the net and I found out, it was true. Aquno died around 3 in the morning at August 1 2009 (Philippines times), it was July 31 2009 at 9 in the evening in Sweden.

I was surprised because I have read that 3 days ago Cory Aquino was reported that she was stable. But exactly 3.18 in the morning at this date she was confirmed that she died of cardio-respiratory arrest. Before her death, she was suffering from Stage 4 colon cancer in a past few months. She was a president of the Philippines from 1986 (when I was born) until 1992, she was the 11th president of the Philippines, a first female president in the Philippines and was Asia´s first female president too. She was the President of the Philippines and a world-renowned advocate of democracy, women´s empowerment, peace, and religious piety.

The people of the Philippines are sad about this news, but that´s life. We can´t control what will happen in the future. When it comes to death it doesn´t matter if you are rich or poor. But anyway may she rest in peace, she was the mother of the peace and be remembered as an icon of democracy.

Derek Ramsy the busiest actor today

Last year Derek Ramsy was only appear in the TV seldom, but since 2009 comes his starting to be busy and much more be seen in the TV. He has been doing different kind of movies and teleserye like T2 with Maricel Soriano (movie), Nasaan ka Maruja (teleserye), the wedding with Anne Curtis and the up coming teleserye with Judy Ann Santos, the Habang May Buhay, and his another up coming movie too, with Bea Alonzo the "And I love you so" will be showing very soon, not only that because he will be working with Gabby Concepcion and his girlfriend Angelica Panganiban in the future, WOW what a bless! Derek Ramsy is acclaim as a Universal leading man because for the short time hes been leading man to different kind of actresses. Derek haa a perfect life this year, many projects and having a loving and supported girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, they beeen together for three years. Derek Ramsy is very sporty person so by next year, him and Angelica will going to South Africa to watch the World Cup which is one of Derek´s favorite sporting events.

Looking for vacation rental this summer?

During summer here in Sweden, most people are out of the country and enjoying their vacation with the blue beaches and of course the sun which gives tan skin. And during this kind of season many vacation rental are everywhere and of course it will not be complete with the companies owner such as,, and other company too. You can select with company will fits your need, so enjoy your vacation!

Piolo Pascual admitted that he is courting Kc

Finally, Piolo Pascual revealed that he has been courting Kc for quick sometimes now, it was been a news for this passed few weeks that Piolo is courting Kc, but Piolo was quite about the issue since they are both don´t like to make it public. Piolo bought Kc´s favorite perfume Frederic Malle, take note it was not only one bottle, but a paperbag of perfumes, so she can use it at least maybe half of a year LOL. Anyway let see what will be Kc´s answer to Piolo, could it be YES or No.

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Ice Age 3 (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

My hubby love to surprise me in different kind of ways, and last week he surprised me to watched movie together which is the Ice Age 3, he knew that I love to watch it. We seem like boyfriend and girlfriend on the date. I remembered before when I was still single, some of my ex boyfriend love to watch movie likes my husband. Ice Age 3 was very funny movie, I and hubby love it. Before I migrate here in Sweden, I thought this kind of movie (ice age) is only for children, but I was wrong, because almost all people were in the cinema was older than a kids. Anyway it was a good date with my husband, I always love to be with my husband specially watching movie and eating pop corn, it really sweet and romantic.

Urban Symphony Band from Estonia

Sandra Nurmsalu
(lead singer and violinist of the band Urban Symphony)

The band Urban Symphony

Since the Eurovision Song Contest lasts May, I couldn´t forgot the entry of Estonia which is the Rändajad by Urban Symphony. Even I don´t understand the song but, it always on my mind and love to hear it again. Since I don´t understand even the title of the song, I search through Google to translate the word rändajad, and it was not difficult because I found the meaning, The word "Rändajad" means travelling or going alone to a journey or seeking something when you travel. Hhhmmm.. interesting words, and after that I tried to search also the singer lead and the violinist of the band Urban Symphony, I found a little about her through Wikipedia. I really like besides of her very cool voice, she has also a very beautiful face like an angel (In case she read this, I want her to know that I am one of her million fans ^_^). Thought their song didn´t won in the contest but they we´re on 6th place. Anyway I upload their song below from the Eurovision Contest, (I love the song so much even due I don´t understand it, I can listen to it everyday), she has a magic voice, magic music and I love the sound of the violen, try to listen to the song and share what do you think?

George and Cecil Show

I have a new episode to follow in ABS CBN since the other episode I followed was end. My new episode to follow is the George and Cecil which the actor and actress we´re couple, and I´m talking about Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo (who just got marriage a couple of months). I love the show besides you learn about how you deal with a relationship, it is also funny and dramatic at the same time. I am not really a fan of the couple but I thought the show is really interesting since I am marriage and still learning about being into a marriage relationship. And through watching this episode I will learn something that I can have for the rest of my life. What do you think of the show?

Maricar Reyes is shining after all her issue

A couple if days, I posted here that I was wondering where is Maricar Reyes after all the issue about her sex scandal. She was remind silent after all the issue about her, she never talks about the sex scandal. Like most people said that she is well-educated person to be involved in the issue. Maybe she decided not to talk about it, because she knows that there is nothing she will gets about it, but only negative though from the people. Finally my wondering though about her was ended until I read the article that she will be guesting as a greasy person in "May Bukas Pa" besides she will have her own teleserye from ABS-CBN which is the "Gaano Kita Kamahal" and it will be start in July 5, 2009 after ASAP . After all she has been through her she is starting to Shine!

Michael Jackson died at the age of 50

I have read last night that the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 (as I read in the news). (Let me insert here a little bit information about cardiac arrest: "A cardiac arrest, also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest, is the abrupt cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively during systole, Systole (pronounced /ˈsɪstɒli/, rhymes with "fiscally") is the contraction of heart chambers, driving blood out of the chambers. The chamber most often discussed is the left ventricle".But since I was really tired, I decided to post about it in the morning (I am posting about it now). I am not a fan of Michael Jackson but my husband love some of his song specially the "Thriller", I also heard some of his song but I didn´t come to like him (maybe because I was so young when he became popular). I can say he is a very good singer because, he is well-known around the world as "King of Pop" like other popular singers he also had a bad new (but I really don´t believe about it unless I saw it) and I know that some of magazine talks about everything just to published something and specially if you are popular. I was a bit sad of his lost because he is still young (at the age of 50) and he can do more history of the music (I know he´s a big lost of the music industry). But anyway that´s life, we really don´t know what comes tomorrow and it´s remind us to be a good people because we don´t know when God will end our life in this world us from the world, RIP Michael Jackson.

John Lloyd and Ruffa issue

This two celebrities was been a "hot spot" in the showbiz news for the this passed few days. And I am really curious what going on between John Lloyd and Ruffa, I have seen Anabelle Rama (Ruffa´s mom) was interviewed that she was saying that "if you love my daughter then show it and be proud of it" I wonder who Annabelle want to said that words until the next time Annabelle got interviewed again, she revealed who was that man she was talking with her first interviewed and it was none other than John Lloyd Cruz who was currently had a rumor that he and her long time girlfriend Liz Uy was broke up.

When John Lloyd was interviewed about his issue with Ruffa, he denied it that nothing special happening between him and Ruffa and it was same with Ruffa they both said that they we´re very good friend. Anyway let see what is true and I know soon they will going to reveal it, maybe they still not ready to say it to the public, or maybe they are just close friend.

Maricar Reyes

I´m just wondering because after all Katrina´s problem about her issue in sex scandal, some of the girls who was also in the sex scandal with Hayden Kho has didn´t show up except Katrina, I salute Katrina for being so brave to face her problem instead of hiding somewhere. So I wonder where is Maricar Reyes who is also involved in Hayden´s sex scandal? I have so much questions in my mind why she didn´t show up, is she afraid or ashamed because of her sex scandal. Guys don´t get me wrong, I am just curious.

Katrina Halili back in her work soon

Katrina Halili has been a spot light in the showbiz this passed few months because of her sex scandal. After the sex scandal, Katrina lost her job likes endorser, show in TV and many other involved showbiz. But Katrina never give up after all the trials in her life, instead she became brave to face her problem and determine to get justice of what happening to her life.

Some of us think that because of her sex scandal, she will not get job anymore, but we we´re wrong because she announced in her interview that she will start her job this coming July. I was shock because I thought nobody will get her back in showbiz because of what happen to her life (but I was wrong), and her life is starting to back to normal. Anyway I´m happy for her and I hope she will get justice.

Manny Pacquiao

I was watching pinoy Channel yesterday and got this news about the world´s highest paid athletes and Forbes Magazine has published the 10 Highest paid athletes in the world and Manny Pacquiao was ranked in number sex, and he is also the best pound for pound boxer in the world after he knock out Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. Manny deserved this victory in his life and he helped Filipino in the Philippines and I think he so kind for doing that. I salute you Manny for all you have done in our country! This is another victory for the Philippines and I know there will be a lot of them in the future, because Pinoy is really talented peoplesenyum.

You can see below the top ten list of Highest Paid Athletes.

1.Tiger Woods (110 million, golfer)
2. Kobe Bryant (45 million NBA player)
3. Michael Jordan (45 million former NBA player)
4. Kimi Raikkonen (45 million Formula One driver)
5. David Beckham (42 million, soccer player)
6. Manny Pacquiao (40 million, boxer)
7. LeBron James (40 million NBA player)
8. Phil Mickelson (40 million, golfer)
9. Valentino Rossi (38 million, motorcycle racer)
10. Dale Earnhardt (34 million, Nascar driver)

Sarah Geronimo

I think most of Filipino love and adore Sarah like I do, Sarah was been my idol since she won the contest which was the host is Regine Velasquez who is also my other idol. I have been watching Sarah through TV and I can say that she always the girl who won in the contest, why I said that because look at her, she always kind, never change her image as wholesome artist. I never heard that she does something bad, I think most I hear about her is all nice things. Until now she keep on shining, and she improve her singing career and I notice her voice became better and better. She also simply beautiful and sexy and most of all, still single. Who love Sarah? And tell me what you like about her?

Adam is a Gay?

I was really surprisedhah when I read the news that Adam Lambert is a GAYsengihnampakgigi. Maybe because I never thought he was a GAY because of how he act in the TV. But anyway I´m not saying that it is wrong to be a gay, I only shocked that´s all and I think Adam is a good person so I don´t judge him through his personality instead I adore him for being true to his self not like other people trying to hide their real personalitykenyit. Wether if this true or not, I don´t care he´s still a good singer and he never hurt someone, so it Ok to be like what he wanted. GO GO GO Adam!

Angels$Demons Movie

I and hubby just finish watched the movie Angels and Demons, I have read the book version but I was not finish on it because of my laziness. Since I knew that their will be a movie about it, I stop reading the book and asked instead my husband if we can watch it. So my husband said yes since he love the book version of the movie. After the movie, I learn a little bit about Christianity since I am not Christian. I love the movie, it was interesting and besides Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actor. How about you? Have you seen the movie? What can you say about it?

Lady Gaga

I always love music and it´s my fashion, I learn to love music when I was 10 years old. I remember those days I was fighting with my neighbor because they we´re angry with me because I play music so loud that they we´re disturbpeace. Some of my favorite singers are Britney Spears (I recognized her when I was in the primary school) Backstreet Boys which Nick is my crush ihikhikbut he look not cute anymore now.

There´s a lots of new singer now a days, and one of my favorite is LADY GAGA because she has different kind of style when she sings and clothes. I like her long white hair with bangs, I do love all her song on her first album THE FAME if I´m right. I think she will be popular like Britney Spears in the futuresenyumkenyit.

Rica Peralejo was enganged

Since I made this blog, I already read many people in showbiz who are getting married or already married. And this time, it´s Rica time to announced that she was engaged with her non showbiz boyfriend Joseph Bonifacio. Their relatioship was only 10 months but it´s lead to marriage very soonsenyum. WOWmenari! that´s amazing, anyway that how you see that they we´re falling in love to each other and want to built a family together. Anyway I wish them luck for relationship and hope they LAST LONGERsenyumkenyit!

Hayden and Katrina Issue

It´s been awhile since I post here, I was lazy to post this passed few days. But now I´m back since it´s my vacation from school starting this coming June until August then I will try to post here as possiblesenyum. It doesn´t mean that I don´t post issue here, I don´t know what is happening in the showbiz in the Philippines of course not. I knew the big showbiz issue in the Philippines todaysenyumkenyit, it´s the Hayden Kho´s sex scandals. Oh my God, I have seen all the video, I´m just curious that´s why I watched it (peace peace to Katrina, Maricar and the brazilian girl).

I have followed this issue, from rumor until it´s revealsenyum (it just prove that I am tsismosabanyakckp) . I felt sorry to Katrina and to other girls who was in the sex scandals. This issue is been a lesson to everybody, to be careful and not to trust somebody easily and so on. I am not takbole angry to Hayden because as he said that it is his personal things but someone steal it from his hard disk, in this issue, it not only Katrina and other girls who are the victims, I thought Hayden is included too as a victimangkatkening (don´t get angry, it is my own opinion).

All people who are involved in this issue affect their life, like Katrina who lost her job, endorser and movie last Feb 2009sedihI feel pity for her and I´m sure this is not easy for her, and I hope she will get justicesenyum.

Kris Won!

Yahoomenari! Kris Allen won the "American Idol 2009" I never doubt it and I knew itsengihnampakgigi! I knew it since the started of "American Idol" that Kris Allen has the talent to be a "American Idol"senyumkenyit I´m so happy for him, I hope he will not change when he will be famous singer likes the other previous winner of "American Idol"cium (peaceto all Adam Lambert fans) he has a great voice but Kris is the bestcelebrate!