Want to verify any kind of address

I have an address of my old friend who lived in United States but since it was long time ago since I last contacted her, I am not sure if the address I have is still the same address as where she lived. Because of the eager to know if it still the same address of my old friend, I searched the net to find service which corrects any kinds of address data. And I found this CDYNE Postal Address Verification which confirms and edit any kinds of address data. So I tried the Site to know if my old friend address is still the same. And it was really works! I just click the address verification and so on, it was easy like a pie. I have read that besides of address verification offer, they have also Phone Notify, SMS Notify, CDYNE 411, Postal Address Verification, Demographics, Phone Verification, Email Verification, IP2Geo and even Death Index. I thought this is really good Site because they can do a lot asides of address verification. PAV (Postal Address Verification) is used by many companies to prepare a huge number of addresses, and they offer XML Web Service so you can use it anywhere in your Site or any other matters such as business application. So visit their Site and used their address verification tools which is really a helpful one.