Nobody but you by wonder girl :P

The last time I talked to my mom, I also talked to my favourite niece who is three (3) years old. I love talking to her because she really talks a lot about everything like for example, she told me about my mom which is her grandma, I was laugh a lot when she said this to me " You know tita grandma smile a lot evens though she has only one tooth" Do you think it´s not funny enough to laugh. When I talked to my niece, she always makes my day :P and she is so cute too, like every kids. One time she also sang this Korean song which is "nobody but you" also she can sang is nobody but you the rest is like blablablah in my ears but she still made me laugh. So everytime I feel alone here at home, I always play this song and it made me laugh again and think about my niece, I think most of you know this song.


Seiko 20 August 2009 at 06:03  

Natawa naman ako sa story mo about your niece.She really made your day telling you about her grand mom.
Btw,thanks for the visit & dropped some line as you go.I will add you into mine too & thanks!:)