Maricar Reyes is shining after all her issue

A couple if days, I posted here that I was wondering where is Maricar Reyes after all the issue about her sex scandal. She was remind silent after all the issue about her, she never talks about the sex scandal. Like most people said that she is well-educated person to be involved in the issue. Maybe she decided not to talk about it, because she knows that there is nothing she will gets about it, but only negative though from the people. Finally my wondering though about her was ended until I read the article that she will be guesting as a greasy person in "May Bukas Pa" besides she will have her own teleserye from ABS-CBN which is the "Gaano Kita Kamahal" and it will be start in July 5, 2009 after ASAP . After all she has been through her she is starting to Shine!

Michael Jackson died at the age of 50

I have read last night that the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 (as I read in the news). (Let me insert here a little bit information about cardiac arrest: "A cardiac arrest, also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest, is the abrupt cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively during systole, Systole (pronounced /ˈsɪstɒli/, rhymes with "fiscally") is the contraction of heart chambers, driving blood out of the chambers. The chamber most often discussed is the left ventricle".But since I was really tired, I decided to post about it in the morning (I am posting about it now). I am not a fan of Michael Jackson but my husband love some of his song specially the "Thriller", I also heard some of his song but I didn´t come to like him (maybe because I was so young when he became popular). I can say he is a very good singer because, he is well-known around the world as "King of Pop" like other popular singers he also had a bad new (but I really don´t believe about it unless I saw it) and I know that some of magazine talks about everything just to published something and specially if you are popular. I was a bit sad of his lost because he is still young (at the age of 50) and he can do more history of the music (I know he´s a big lost of the music industry). But anyway that´s life, we really don´t know what comes tomorrow and it´s remind us to be a good people because we don´t know when God will end our life in this world us from the world, RIP Michael Jackson.

John Lloyd and Ruffa issue

This two celebrities was been a "hot spot" in the showbiz news for the this passed few days. And I am really curious what going on between John Lloyd and Ruffa, I have seen Anabelle Rama (Ruffa´s mom) was interviewed that she was saying that "if you love my daughter then show it and be proud of it" I wonder who Annabelle want to said that words until the next time Annabelle got interviewed again, she revealed who was that man she was talking with her first interviewed and it was none other than John Lloyd Cruz who was currently had a rumor that he and her long time girlfriend Liz Uy was broke up.

When John Lloyd was interviewed about his issue with Ruffa, he denied it that nothing special happening between him and Ruffa and it was same with Ruffa they both said that they we´re very good friend. Anyway let see what is true and I know soon they will going to reveal it, maybe they still not ready to say it to the public, or maybe they are just close friend.

Maricar Reyes

I´m just wondering because after all Katrina´s problem about her issue in sex scandal, some of the girls who was also in the sex scandal with Hayden Kho has didn´t show up except Katrina, I salute Katrina for being so brave to face her problem instead of hiding somewhere. So I wonder where is Maricar Reyes who is also involved in Hayden´s sex scandal? I have so much questions in my mind why she didn´t show up, is she afraid or ashamed because of her sex scandal. Guys don´t get me wrong, I am just curious.

Katrina Halili back in her work soon

Katrina Halili has been a spot light in the showbiz this passed few months because of her sex scandal. After the sex scandal, Katrina lost her job likes endorser, show in TV and many other involved showbiz. But Katrina never give up after all the trials in her life, instead she became brave to face her problem and determine to get justice of what happening to her life.

Some of us think that because of her sex scandal, she will not get job anymore, but we we´re wrong because she announced in her interview that she will start her job this coming July. I was shock because I thought nobody will get her back in showbiz because of what happen to her life (but I was wrong), and her life is starting to back to normal. Anyway I´m happy for her and I hope she will get justice.

Manny Pacquiao

I was watching pinoy Channel yesterday and got this news about the world´s highest paid athletes and Forbes Magazine has published the 10 Highest paid athletes in the world and Manny Pacquiao was ranked in number sex, and he is also the best pound for pound boxer in the world after he knock out Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton. Manny deserved this victory in his life and he helped Filipino in the Philippines and I think he so kind for doing that. I salute you Manny for all you have done in our country! This is another victory for the Philippines and I know there will be a lot of them in the future, because Pinoy is really talented peoplesenyum.

You can see below the top ten list of Highest Paid Athletes.

1.Tiger Woods (110 million, golfer)
2. Kobe Bryant (45 million NBA player)
3. Michael Jordan (45 million former NBA player)
4. Kimi Raikkonen (45 million Formula One driver)
5. David Beckham (42 million, soccer player)
6. Manny Pacquiao (40 million, boxer)
7. LeBron James (40 million NBA player)
8. Phil Mickelson (40 million, golfer)
9. Valentino Rossi (38 million, motorcycle racer)
10. Dale Earnhardt (34 million, Nascar driver)

Sarah Geronimo

I think most of Filipino love and adore Sarah like I do, Sarah was been my idol since she won the contest which was the host is Regine Velasquez who is also my other idol. I have been watching Sarah through TV and I can say that she always the girl who won in the contest, why I said that because look at her, she always kind, never change her image as wholesome artist. I never heard that she does something bad, I think most I hear about her is all nice things. Until now she keep on shining, and she improve her singing career and I notice her voice became better and better. She also simply beautiful and sexy and most of all, still single. Who love Sarah? And tell me what you like about her?

Adam is a Gay?

I was really surprisedhah when I read the news that Adam Lambert is a GAYsengihnampakgigi. Maybe because I never thought he was a GAY because of how he act in the TV. But anyway I´m not saying that it is wrong to be a gay, I only shocked that´s all and I think Adam is a good person so I don´t judge him through his personality instead I adore him for being true to his self not like other people trying to hide their real personalitykenyit. Wether if this true or not, I don´t care he´s still a good singer and he never hurt someone, so it Ok to be like what he wanted. GO GO GO Adam!

Angels$Demons Movie

I and hubby just finish watched the movie Angels and Demons, I have read the book version but I was not finish on it because of my laziness. Since I knew that their will be a movie about it, I stop reading the book and asked instead my husband if we can watch it. So my husband said yes since he love the book version of the movie. After the movie, I learn a little bit about Christianity since I am not Christian. I love the movie, it was interesting and besides Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actor. How about you? Have you seen the movie? What can you say about it?

Lady Gaga

I always love music and it´s my fashion, I learn to love music when I was 10 years old. I remember those days I was fighting with my neighbor because they we´re angry with me because I play music so loud that they we´re disturbpeace. Some of my favorite singers are Britney Spears (I recognized her when I was in the primary school) Backstreet Boys which Nick is my crush ihikhikbut he look not cute anymore now.

There´s a lots of new singer now a days, and one of my favorite is LADY GAGA because she has different kind of style when she sings and clothes. I like her long white hair with bangs, I do love all her song on her first album THE FAME if I´m right. I think she will be popular like Britney Spears in the futuresenyumkenyit.

Rica Peralejo was enganged

Since I made this blog, I already read many people in showbiz who are getting married or already married. And this time, it´s Rica time to announced that she was engaged with her non showbiz boyfriend Joseph Bonifacio. Their relatioship was only 10 months but it´s lead to marriage very soonsenyum. WOWmenari! that´s amazing, anyway that how you see that they we´re falling in love to each other and want to built a family together. Anyway I wish them luck for relationship and hope they LAST LONGERsenyumkenyit!