Hayden and Katrina Issue

It´s been awhile since I post here, I was lazy to post this passed few days. But now I´m back since it´s my vacation from school starting this coming June until August then I will try to post here as possiblesenyum. It doesn´t mean that I don´t post issue here, I don´t know what is happening in the showbiz in the Philippines of course not. I knew the big showbiz issue in the Philippines todaysenyumkenyit, it´s the Hayden Kho´s sex scandals. Oh my God, I have seen all the video, I´m just curious that´s why I watched it (peace peace to Katrina, Maricar and the brazilian girl).

I have followed this issue, from rumor until it´s revealsenyum (it just prove that I am tsismosabanyakckp) . I felt sorry to Katrina and to other girls who was in the sex scandals. This issue is been a lesson to everybody, to be careful and not to trust somebody easily and so on. I am not takbole angry to Hayden because as he said that it is his personal things but someone steal it from his hard disk, in this issue, it not only Katrina and other girls who are the victims, I thought Hayden is included too as a victimangkatkening (don´t get angry, it is my own opinion).

All people who are involved in this issue affect their life, like Katrina who lost her job, endorser and movie last Feb 2009sedihI feel pity for her and I´m sure this is not easy for her, and I hope she will get justicesenyum.

Kris Won!

Yahoomenari! Kris Allen won the "American Idol 2009" I never doubt it and I knew itsengihnampakgigi! I knew it since the started of "American Idol" that Kris Allen has the talent to be a "American Idol"senyumkenyit I´m so happy for him, I hope he will not change when he will be famous singer likes the other previous winner of "American Idol"cium (peaceto all Adam Lambert fans) he has a great voice but Kris is the bestcelebrate!

Boys Over Flowers Asianovela

I have a new asianovela to follow everyday in my Filipino Channel, it is the "Boys over flowers" Oh my god the actors are really cutegile, I hope I am the girl malu(maybe in my dream). When I watched it I couldn´t help not to kiliginihikhik and I really like it a lot, it´s reminded me of "F4" that I followed before too when I was in the Philippinessenyum. My gosh I have a new addictionblur and I heard that they will visit Philippines soon, how I wish I see them in personalrindu.

Pooh and Pokwang as a business partner

The two comedian Pooh and Pokwang was build their business together which is a Beauty Salon. After their hard work for how many years in showbiz finally they get what they deserve and one of that are this business which will have another 2 branches in metro Manila. So let see how this business works for both of them and good luck for both of them in their new businesssenyum.

Allen Kris VS Adam Lambert

Tomorrow we will know who will be the "American Idol" is it Adam Lambert or Kris Allen? We have no idea, but tomorrow will be the judgmentsenyum. I´m really excited to watch this last episode of "American Idol" and I hope Allen Kris will win because simple, he is my idol and I love his great voice and he is cuter than Adam (peace to all Adam fans, it just my opinion). What about you? Who do you like most, it is Adam or Krissenyumkenyit? Don´t miss the last show of "American Idol" tomorrow and see who will be "American´s Idol"

Norway won in Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Last night me and my husband watched the "Eurovision Song Contest" as we usually do each yearsenyum. There are many great performers and song but there will be only one winner, 25 countries who compete to this show and the lucky winner is the Norwaycelebrate. Me and hubby have some favorite likesenyumkenyit Turkey, Estonia, Norway and of course our very own Sweden (who didn´t win but we still proud of them, they done a good job too sembah). It was a really lucky day for Norway because they we´re the lucky winner last night, and it is really nice day to celebrate because I think today is the "National Day" in Norwayihikhik. I like the performance of the Norway, specially the song, instruments that they used and the very charming (peace husband) singer (I thought this guy is only 17 years old but I was wrong because recently he celebrate his 23 years old, same age like mesengihnampakgigi ). When I hear the song it made me dance and the song is really catchy that when you hear it you can´t forgot it, well done Norwaytepuktangan . Try to listen to the song above and tell me what you think?

Candy asked sorry to Tribe Igorot

Candy Pangilinan was crying while asking sorry to Igorot Tribe in SNN ( Showbiz News Ngayon ) what she said was " Akala niyo igorot ako noh? tao po ako " and she thought it was misunderstood. Her manager explain that it was wrong words to deliver, she has no sleep, no peace of mind before going to the show and she added that Candy won´t hurt people. Candy was feel sorry because of what happen.

Mamma Mia Movie

I and hubby watch this movie " Mamma Mia " last week and just able to post it today because of my hectic schedule from school, and we both love itsenyumkenyit. I love the place where they shoot the movie and of course I love the actorsgile. We both like the movie because of the unique style of it, specially all the music is Abba Song which is one of my group idol. I never thought that I will love the moviekenyituntil I saw it. I know it´s too late to tell about this movie but I just wanted to post something, who cares it´s my blogsengihnampakgigitanduk. After I watched the movie I will consider it as one of my favorite moviesenyum. Anyway who have watch this movie? Do you like the movie like me and my husbandfikir?

Paolo Contis and Lian Paz Issue

Paolo Contis and his girlfriend Lian Paz is facing a problem with their relationshipsedih. Currently Paolo Contis was rumored that he was kick out from their house because of his girlfriend. But Paolo said that it was not true and it was his plan before to move out from his parents, to be independent. Paolo clear that his girlfriend Lian is not involved with their misunderstanding with his momgarupale, it´s their two problem and there´s nothing to do with Lian. It was rumor why Paolo´s mom was upset with Paolo because he never told her about his relationship with Lian and his mom knows about their relationship from other peoplebanyakckp, that´s why she was upset. I hope their relationship will going stronger despite of their problem right nowsenyum.