Norway won in Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Last night me and my husband watched the "Eurovision Song Contest" as we usually do each yearsenyum. There are many great performers and song but there will be only one winner, 25 countries who compete to this show and the lucky winner is the Norwaycelebrate. Me and hubby have some favorite likesenyumkenyit Turkey, Estonia, Norway and of course our very own Sweden (who didn´t win but we still proud of them, they done a good job too sembah). It was a really lucky day for Norway because they we´re the lucky winner last night, and it is really nice day to celebrate because I think today is the "National Day" in Norwayihikhik. I like the performance of the Norway, specially the song, instruments that they used and the very charming (peace husband) singer (I thought this guy is only 17 years old but I was wrong because recently he celebrate his 23 years old, same age like mesengihnampakgigi ). When I hear the song it made me dance and the song is really catchy that when you hear it you can´t forgot it, well done Norwaytepuktangan . Try to listen to the song above and tell me what you think?