Mamma Mia Movie

I and hubby watch this movie " Mamma Mia " last week and just able to post it today because of my hectic schedule from school, and we both love itsenyumkenyit. I love the place where they shoot the movie and of course I love the actorsgile. We both like the movie because of the unique style of it, specially all the music is Abba Song which is one of my group idol. I never thought that I will love the moviekenyituntil I saw it. I know it´s too late to tell about this movie but I just wanted to post something, who cares it´s my blogsengihnampakgigitanduk. After I watched the movie I will consider it as one of my favorite moviesenyum. Anyway who have watch this movie? Do you like the movie like me and my husbandfikir?


amiable amy 11 May 2009 at 12:41  

i like the movie too but, ga expect man gud ko nga 5 star jud kay grabe gud ka sikat...anyway, nag enjoy man sad ko noon, pero you are right...pagka nice jud sa lugar noh?