Manny Won Against Ricky Hatton

I woke up earlyngantuk this morning just to watch Manny Pacquio fight against Ricky Hatton and my husband was still in bed. He told me that he wanted to watch it with me, but when I open my computer and go to my favorite channel which is Pinoy Channel, and hoping that someonemenaridownload the fight and I was not disappointed because there is someone who download the fight. I was really happy and couldn´t wait to see it, so I watched it without my husbandsenyumkenyitwho is still in the bed. I will just tell him about it later that I watched it alone because I was really excitedmalu.

It was a great fought and I can see that Ricky can´t knock down Manny instead Manny knock down himkenyitin only two round. YeheycelebratetepuktanganManny won again, your the best Mannysembahand we are proud of youencem. I know there will be some project that you will accomplish again after this fightsenyum and I hope you will not going to join politicsdoa because it´s not good for your healthsengihnampakgigi. We will be waiting for your next fight. PINOY is the bestmenarisembahsenyum!


=supergulaman= 3 May 2009 at 02:32  

waaaa…ayuz na ayuz si manny…mayaman na nmn si chavit singson nito… ahehehe… pero infernez swit nila ni hatton…parang may malalim silang pagtitinginan… ^_^

David Funk 3 May 2009 at 17:21  

Not only did he win, he dominated Hatton. It was clear how this fight was going to end.

I know you and the rest of the Filipino community is so proud of having someone of his stature doing so well.:)

S-H-Y 3 May 2009 at 23:22  

Supergulaman: uu nga panalo na nmn tayong Filipino!

David Funk: Hello Mr. D thanks for the comment, your absolutely right we´re very proud of him. I wonder if you watched the fight?