Ryan and Judy Ann was marriage

I know senyum many people waiting for this news to happen and finally yesterday morning the very special moment for Ryan and Judy Ann was happen, I´m talking about Ryan and Judy Ann weddinglove . Many people was surprised about the wedding of Ryan and Judy Ann because the couple didn´t said anything when will be their wedding until yesterday was announced in many TV program that they already married. The wedding was held in Batangas church where Ryan´s parent had their wedding, it takes three hours to get in that church from Manila. All guests was carefully selected and it was strictly no camera or phone adacall because the couple wanted to be privately for them. Anyway I hope the best for both of them and have a lot of babiesihikhik .

Vina´s First Baby

Finally the time they have been waiting was ended, I´m talking about Vina´s baby Ceana who finally see the world yesterdaysenyum . Last Friday April 24,2009 Vina was confined in one of the Hospital in Manila and she experienced more than 20 hours in laboring hah and finally yesterday around 8:47 in the morning she give birth to her first ever baby girl Ceanatepuktangan. Vina said she is really happy and admit that it was not easy to do labor and it was really hurt but when she saw her baby all the pain she felt was gone. After I saw her interviewed I got curious how does it feel to do labor hhmm I´m looking forward to experience it maybe next year senyumkenyit.

Mylene Dizon give birth to her second baby

I was surprisedhah when I heard that Mylene Dizon give birth to her second baby boy which the father is Paolo Paraiso. I was surprised because last 2006 the couple was broke up and now they have their second baby, it is a strange relationshipangkatkeningand until now there is no new that they we´re reconciled. But anyway let see what happen with their relationship maybe they will be together or just be friends to each other for their babies. By the way Paolo was interview in SNN and he said that there will be no talks about their relationship, the things that matter now is they can be a good parents to their children senyum. But who knows maybe one day, they will be together as a husband and wifesenyumkenyit.

Kambal sa Uma Teleserye

I love watching Filipino channel evens I live here in Sweden because if I watch Filipino Channel I thought that I am in the Philippines. One of ABS-CBN new teleserye which is the " Kambal sa Uma " starring Shaina Magdayao and Melissa Ricks it was started last Monday and since I love Shaina Magdayao I follow this teleserye even I am here in Sweden and thanks to Pinoy Channel who help me to be updated with Philippines show. It been my hobby to sit down in my computer when I got home from school because nobody I can talk to while my husband is still in the office, not same in the Philippines everytime I got home I always talk to neighborhood.

T- shirt Song

Since I don´t have class today, I sit down in my computer and surf some song that I like to listen. One of my favorite hobby is to listen music, I love listening music since I was eight years old, I remember my neighborhood almost fought with me because my sound is too loud that they can´t sleptpeace . Back in the Philippines I always listen radio in my favorite radio station which is the " Campus Radio " I´m not sure if somebody knew this radio station- I always listen to their top 50 count down. Since we didn´t buy any radio I tried to listen to music through here in my computer which I like better than radio because I could listen to all song that I wanted. I was surfing the net for a new song and I found this " T shirt " song that made me remind malu about my high school love life and couldn´t help not to smile when I remember those days with my ex boyfriend. Anyway listen to the song I´m sure you will like it too, like I do kenyit.

" You Changed My Life " movie

When I got home yesterday, I went directly to my computer as I normally do and check my email, advertiser, talk to my friends online and watch Pinoy Channel. I was talking to one of my friend in United States and asked her if she has seen the movie of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz and she said that she has seen it, and I was glad senyum because I knew that she saw it through online so asked her if she could give me the link so that I can watch it too because it was long time ago since I was tried to search the movie but I couldn´t find it.

I love John Lloyd and Sarah team up because I thought they have the good chemistrykenyit. I have seen their first movie which the " A very Special Love " and I really like it because it has a sense of humor movie, funny and they are both good actor and actres Since that movie I always wanted to see their other movie which is the new one " You Changed My Life " maybe it´s not really a new one for you but for me it is.

Last night I saw their movie which the " You Changed My Life " I thought it was a really good movie and it´s reminded me of my puppy love and high school lovelove. While I am watching the movie I always has a smile in my face because it´s a really made me kilig ihikhik. I like their name mark which is " Bebe Ko " I couldn´t count how many times they called each other with that mark and even in their ringtones it still "Bebe Ko"adacall. I hope there will be more movie with their team up, anyway to anyone who want to see their movie " You Changed My Life " just leave a comment and I will give the link to you.

Only You (Teleserye)

This is good news to all Deither Ocampo, Sam Milby and Angel Locsin Fan (included mesenyumkenyit ) because their teleserye together will start this coming April 27, 2009 in title of "Only You" so don´t miss it guy! Abs Cbn bring this teleserye to make your summer hotter, and guess what almost all the scene was shot in Korea gile. Wow this is awesomecelebrate ! I will be watching this teleserye since I have Pinoy Channel who help me to be updated with Philippines entertainment, Thanks to Pinoy Channel sembah .

Charice Pempengco First Hollywood Movie

Our very own Charice Pempengco is busy doing her international album and besides that she will do her very first movie, take note it´s not in the Philippines but in Hollywood, I can say that she came in the long way since she was discovered. The rumor of what movie she will do is the "Alvin and the chipmunks" This is only a sign that she starts to be a popular singer in the whole word and as a Pinay I am really proud of her. I hope that she stay very humble and kind forever. Let see what will be this simple girl can accomplish with her new life as a famous.

Charlene will study at Harvard University

There´s a lot of people dreaming to study at Harvard University and one of the person who got opportunity to study at there is none other than our very own Miss Universe 1994 Charlene Gonzales. She will study at Harvard University for a short course only because she has a responsibility for her children and husband. She said she will take this once in a lifetime opportunity because there´s only few people who can able to study at Harvard and also she always dream of studying at Harvard University.