T- shirt Song

Since I don´t have class today, I sit down in my computer and surf some song that I like to listen. One of my favorite hobby is to listen music, I love listening music since I was eight years old, I remember my neighborhood almost fought with me because my sound is too loud that they can´t sleptpeace . Back in the Philippines I always listen radio in my favorite radio station which is the " Campus Radio " I´m not sure if somebody knew this radio station- I always listen to their top 50 count down. Since we didn´t buy any radio I tried to listen to music through here in my computer which I like better than radio because I could listen to all song that I wanted. I was surfing the net for a new song and I found this " T shirt " song that made me remind malu about my high school love life and couldn´t help not to smile when I remember those days with my ex boyfriend. Anyway listen to the song I´m sure you will like it too, like I do kenyit.