Hayden and Katrina Issue

It´s been awhile since I post here, I was lazy to post this passed few days. But now I´m back since it´s my vacation from school starting this coming June until August then I will try to post here as possiblesenyum. It doesn´t mean that I don´t post issue here, I don´t know what is happening in the showbiz in the Philippines of course not. I knew the big showbiz issue in the Philippines todaysenyumkenyit, it´s the Hayden Kho´s sex scandals. Oh my God, I have seen all the video, I´m just curious that´s why I watched it (peace peace to Katrina, Maricar and the brazilian girl).

I have followed this issue, from rumor until it´s revealsenyum (it just prove that I am tsismosabanyakckp) . I felt sorry to Katrina and to other girls who was in the sex scandals. This issue is been a lesson to everybody, to be careful and not to trust somebody easily and so on. I am not takbole angry to Hayden because as he said that it is his personal things but someone steal it from his hard disk, in this issue, it not only Katrina and other girls who are the victims, I thought Hayden is included too as a victimangkatkening (don´t get angry, it is my own opinion).

All people who are involved in this issue affect their life, like Katrina who lost her job, endorser and movie last Feb 2009sedihI feel pity for her and I´m sure this is not easy for her, and I hope she will get justicesenyum.


teJan 30 May 2009 at 22:05  

shy nag hikog kuno si Hayden??:0

S-H-Y 1 June 2009 at 01:45  

teJan: wla oi hehehe, anyway thanks sa visit!