Lady Gaga

I always love music and it´s my fashion, I learn to love music when I was 10 years old. I remember those days I was fighting with my neighbor because they we´re angry with me because I play music so loud that they we´re disturbpeace. Some of my favorite singers are Britney Spears (I recognized her when I was in the primary school) Backstreet Boys which Nick is my crush ihikhikbut he look not cute anymore now.

There´s a lots of new singer now a days, and one of my favorite is LADY GAGA because she has different kind of style when she sings and clothes. I like her long white hair with bangs, I do love all her song on her first album THE FAME if I´m right. I think she will be popular like Britney Spears in the futuresenyumkenyit.