Michael Jackson died at the age of 50

I have read last night that the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson was passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest at the age of 50 (as I read in the news). (Let me insert here a little bit information about cardiac arrest: "A cardiac arrest, also known as cardiopulmonary arrest or circulatory arrest, is the abrupt cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively during systole, Systole (pronounced /ˈsɪstɒli/, rhymes with "fiscally") is the contraction of heart chambers, driving blood out of the chambers. The chamber most often discussed is the left ventricle".But since I was really tired, I decided to post about it in the morning (I am posting about it now). I am not a fan of Michael Jackson but my husband love some of his song specially the "Thriller", I also heard some of his song but I didn´t come to like him (maybe because I was so young when he became popular). I can say he is a very good singer because, he is well-known around the world as "King of Pop" like other popular singers he also had a bad new (but I really don´t believe about it unless I saw it) and I know that some of magazine talks about everything just to published something and specially if you are popular. I was a bit sad of his lost because he is still young (at the age of 50) and he can do more history of the music (I know he´s a big lost of the music industry). But anyway that´s life, we really don´t know what comes tomorrow and it´s remind us to be a good people because we don´t know when God will end our life in this world us from the world, RIP Michael Jackson.