John Lloyd and Ruffa issue

This two celebrities was been a "hot spot" in the showbiz news for the this passed few days. And I am really curious what going on between John Lloyd and Ruffa, I have seen Anabelle Rama (Ruffa´s mom) was interviewed that she was saying that "if you love my daughter then show it and be proud of it" I wonder who Annabelle want to said that words until the next time Annabelle got interviewed again, she revealed who was that man she was talking with her first interviewed and it was none other than John Lloyd Cruz who was currently had a rumor that he and her long time girlfriend Liz Uy was broke up.

When John Lloyd was interviewed about his issue with Ruffa, he denied it that nothing special happening between him and Ruffa and it was same with Ruffa they both said that they we´re very good friend. Anyway let see what is true and I know soon they will going to reveal it, maybe they still not ready to say it to the public, or maybe they are just close friend.