Tayong Dalawa was already ended

I have been following this Tayong Dalawa teleserye from ABS-CBN, even though I am living here in Sweden, I still managed to watched Filipino Channel. Maybe you wonder if I got a cable? Absolutely NO, I watch pinoy channel through my computer, so it´s like I am still in Philippines because of pinoy channel. I was crying a lot when Tayong Dalawa end their teleserye. Some people comment that it was not a good ending because Audrey was died, but I think it was a great ending and also it is a different ending for Filipino show, because when it comes to most Filipino show, it will end with a happy ending but not this. I got a lot of tears when I saw the last episode of the teleserye and I adore all the casts specially Coco Martin, he´s a very good actor. Anyway I am looking forward to a new teleserye from ABS-CBN and congratualation for the success of the show, more power for ABS-CBN.