Drug rehabilitation for everybody

Some people who is left behind and feel lonely in their life, they always end in taking some drug and not use it in proper that´s why they became drug addict. I have some friend who is a drug addict and some of them was cure and some are still in addiction like for example my friend´s brother. Who has been a drug addict long time ago and his family still looking for a drug rehab for him. They never stop looking for a drug rehabilitation for him and one time they have asked me if I know some drug rehabilitation but I don´t have any idea where to find one.

While I was surfing the net, I landed to this Narconon Drug Rehab Program site which is obviously for people who has abuse using drugs or in short word drug addict. Their aim is to have their patient a stable recovery, they have a program step to make it work which is the following:
*Phase I: Sauna Detoxification Program
*Phase II: Social Education Therapies
*Phase III: Social Rehabilitation Therapies
*Phase Iv: Discharge Planning and Family Classes

I thought this step can cure any kind of drug addiction. They have already cure some cases which were successful from drug addiction. They don´t apply 12 step program, but instead an optional vitamin rich regimen, with absolutely no drugs. And did you know that they are their 24 hours to answer your call and you can assure that everything you said will be private and very important. I thin I am going to tell this drug rehab to my friend. So why don´t you try to give a call and see it for yourself.