Urban Symphony Band from Estonia

Sandra Nurmsalu
(lead singer and violinist of the band Urban Symphony)

The band Urban Symphony

Since the Eurovision Song Contest lasts May, I couldn´t forgot the entry of Estonia which is the Rändajad by Urban Symphony. Even I don´t understand the song but, it always on my mind and love to hear it again. Since I don´t understand even the title of the song, I search through Google to translate the word rändajad, and it was not difficult because I found the meaning, The word "Rändajad" means travelling or going alone to a journey or seeking something when you travel. Hhhmmm.. interesting words, and after that I tried to search also the singer lead and the violinist of the band Urban Symphony, I found a little about her through Wikipedia. I really like besides of her very cool voice, she has also a very beautiful face like an angel (In case she read this, I want her to know that I am one of her million fans ^_^). Thought their song didn´t won in the contest but they we´re on 6th place. Anyway I upload their song below from the Eurovision Contest, (I love the song so much even due I don´t understand it, I can listen to it everyday), she has a magic voice, magic music and I love the sound of the violen, try to listen to the song and share what do you think?


nuts 6 July 2009 at 16:29  

another word in my vocabulary "Rändajad".. with very deep meaning.
love the music. it has magic in my ears.