Nagsimula sa Puso Teleserye

It´s been awhile since I posted here, due to my crazy schedule from school. But anyway I will have a nine days holiday from the school but I still need to put in my mind that I have a lot of assignment which I need to be done before the next monday. I am still thankful for that holiday so that I can relax and do what I wanted to do. Anyway I have started to watch the new teleserye by ABS-CBN which is the " Nagsimula sa Puso " and when I first saw it, I was stuck to it, because the actors and the actresses was very good and I am planning to continue following it, besides Martin Coco is one of my favorite actors. I thought him and Maja have a very good chemistry, I love their love scene, it is really romantic and very sweet and they really done a good job on it. When I first saw Coco Martin´s show I already amazed how he acted and I would like to meet him in person and see how cute he is (peace hubby lol). Anyway who is following this series too like I do?

I searched the net and found some information about the story and here it is:

Celina Fernandez is a carefree liberated teacher whose life outside may look like jealousy because of her looks but inside her life is full of hurt and suffering she must obey and follow her mothers rules, Indebted by a Family friend Celina must marry Jim the son of the family tycoon her mother owns debts too and the man from the start she never loved so she decides to change her life into more of a mature yet sexy obsession symbol Meanwhile Celina's path crosses her student Carlo whose nonsense troubles and crazy awkward moments in her classroom make them fall for each other but whether they live from different lifestyles she is his teacher and he is her student will they fight for the love when both notice what true happiness is like or will Passion and Obsession lead them to lots of pure anger and deceit combined?